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Intro to App Development with Swift

By Apple Education

  • Release Date: 2017-03-20
  • Genre: Education
Score: 4
From 46 Ratings


This course is designed to help you build a solid foundation in programming fundamentals using Swift as the language. You’ll get practical experience with the tools, techniques, and concepts needed to build a basic iOS app from scratch. You’ll also learn user interface design principles, which are fundamental to programming and making great apps. Prior programming experience is not required for this course. If you have programming experience, you can move through the early lessons quickly as you continue to learn about software development tools, concepts, and best practices that go beyond programming fundamentals.


  • Why I can not download it ?

    By ProblematicNeon
    Download stops at the middle.
  • Incompatible with Swift 4

    By Lorring
    The exercises and accompanying files contain numerous incompatibilities with Swift 4 and the latest versions of Xcode. Working through the exercises and the book requires sifting through countless support discussions and YouTube videos in which new learners have taken it upon themselves to figure out and solve the bugs. Bless them for their invaluable help, but it is really a shame that these tutorials haven’t been removed until Apple updates them.
  • Everyone Can Code?

    By Mrobboa
    I’d like to bring some much-needed attention to the title of this series, Everyone Can Code. The series, and subsequent materials such as Swift Playgrounds, was released last summer. While you’ve done a pretty good job implementing accessibility into Swift Playgrounds, this book—Intro to App Development with Swift—is a different story. Xcode is accessible, but it is not the most intuitively accessible app there is. With that being said, Intro to App Development with Swift only compounds on that problem by failing to broaden its instruction to people who use Xcode differently than others. For example, a sighted person will be reading about how to make outlets and actions, and when the text says to drag this here, control-drag this there, look for the filled circle because that means that an outlet is connected, etc., and then shows them what they should be seeing, they have no problem doing that thing. On the other hand, when a VoiceOver user such as myself reads that same passage, all I get is pretty much nonsense unless I divert from the book itself and hunt down a VoiceOver tutorial on Xcode that a fellow developer was kind enough to put together but which might already be outdated. As much as I appreciate such efforts on their part, I am fed up with sitting back and waiting for someone to explain what the book that says that everyone can do this fails to explain alternatively. How does a VoiceOver user connect outlets as opposed to a sighted person? How does a VoiceOver user know that the outlet is connected? As far as using the console, that’s great that it just pops up on the right side of the screen, but how does a VoiceOver user make use of it? Among other things, these things are some of the big gaps in this book that seeks to give “everyone” an opportunity to learn Swift and the skill of app development. Now, I’m not looking for opportunities to be a pain in the neck, and I don’t intend to be self-righteous. On the other hand, I’m very frustrated that this has continued to be a problem and that my progress has been slowed significantly. Those AppleVis tutorials are useless when Xcode is updated enough times, and in such cases as mentioned above, so is this fabulous book. Please consider this review, especially as it might apply to this series title, and do something about it. Thanks.

    By Peejj_
    Who creates a book with no answer key to reference from? Apple is slacking, step it up
  • Where is the folder?

    By folderplaygrounds
    Where do we download this folder? Would be a lot easier with step by step instructions...
  • Page 5 - Playground Download

    By Ooooh ooooH
    For those who can’t find the download: It is on page 5 accessed by clicking on the hyperlink in blue labeled “here”.
  • Frustrating

    By scullen27
    I started off loving this and telling others about it. That changed when I needed to check my solution and realized there is not answer guide in this or in the teacher’s version. The authors have created a huge problem. People are either going to give up on this out of frustration, or create inefficient code in an effort to get the correct answer to appear. I imagine most of the high ratings were provided by people before they got to the halfway point in this book. I would expect this oversight from a third party, but Apple should be putting out better resources that actually help people accomplish their intended goal of learning.
  • Needs improvement

    By ecd2008
    While informative, the lack of solutions to the exercises is problematic.
  • how to access to the playground folder?

    By mike smith 01
    how to access to the playground folder?
  • Can’t find the playgrounds

    By CodeWarrios
    The content of of this book looks promising but I can’t find the folder with the playground files it in. If there is someone that could help me with that I am sure having access to those would make the program more appealing.